16* + IT/HE + GAY TBOY*

YO! My name is Rita, or Riri (if we're close). I'm a silly guy who can experience childlike wonder. I have many hobbies, though my favorite things to do are to code, play video games, draw, and hang out with my friends! Speaking of which, my friends describe me as charismatic, entertaining, incredibly sweet. I'm easily approachable and caring, and I will not hesitate to help someone out when they need it. I'm not quite sure how to describe myself honestly, as I've always had that problem, but I'll do my best! Bear with me here, I hope this is enough!

For starters, I grew up on the internet! Though that's not too uncommon of an experience on this site it seems. From a young age, I've been fascinated by the endless possibilites when it comes to web design and technology, and I sought out to learn how to create cool stuff as well. My coding experience started on...Tumblr, unfortunately. I began by experimenting with themes and I learned HTML and some CSS along the way. I'm completely self-taught! And I'm still learning. I currently take classes for coding in high school, though I find that practicing on Neocities has vastly improved my skill. Personally, I'm not interested in pursuing coding as a career, as I prefer to keep my hobbies as simply, well, hobbies. I will continue to code, however, despite not wanting to make a living off of it; coding brings me creative freedom and allows me to express myself in a way that not many people are able to do anymore now in the new age of the internet. Updates may be inconsistient but my love for coding will never die out.

As mentioned earlier, video games are a HUUUGE interest of mine, and they always have been! I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember and I still play them every single day. The first video game I played was Mario Kart 64 on my aunt's old N64. My library was incredibly limited due to a lack of money, so I haven't played many games in my time; I'm attempting to change this though, as I want to open up and play more games that I never had the chance to play before (my computer is also a limiting factor as it can't run that many games). Within the last couple of years, I've mainly been playing Team Fortress 2. Technically, I've been playing TF2 for years (I played TF2 for the first time on my aunt's copy of the Orange Box) and I still consistently play to this day. I typically play whatever I feel like playing at the moment, though I consider myself a Sniper and Soldier main (I have horrible aim despite having hundreds of hours on Sniper, ironically enough). As it currently stands, I have 3K hours recorded across 2 steam accounts. TF2 has been a major part of my life and as a result it is one of my special interests! I love this game so much.

While TF2 has been a major interest of mine for the last couple of years, Yakuza has recently taken over in my life and I have been HOOKED. My best friend Michael (hi Michael) pushed me to play Yakuza 0 after I mentioned having it in my library for at least two years without playing it once and I'm so glad he urged me to play it because it genuinely changed my life. I've binged every game (0-7) over the last year or so with him and I regret none of the time I've spent on these games. As it currently stands, my favorite games in the series are Yakuza 7, 5, 0, and 3. I'm currently watching a walkthrough for Yakuza Kenzan, and I'm incredibly excited for Yakuza Gaiden and Yakuza 8! I have SO many characters I enjoy that I can't possibly list them all here. You can, however, look at this tier list I made (will update over time as I replay the games).
Aside from playing games, I enjoy to create art and I am known for being incredibly creative. I've been creating art since I was little and I have no intention of stopping any time soon; I love seeing my progress every time I create new pieces and I am excited to see what I am capable of creating next. I mainly create digital art using my old Wacom tablet that I bought with my own birthday money when I was in 7th grade (it still works well and I'm nearly done with high school JAJA). While I mainly create art, I'd love to create music and other stuff in the future...I want to test just how far my creativity can go and I would love to share my projects with the world. Feel free to check out my art! I share my art on many places (twitter, tumblr, or my gallery) and I would love to recieve any support or criticism. I'm always looking to improve!

I love to make friends! I'm an incredibly social and open person and I have hundreds of people I'd consider my friends. I was surrounded by a lot of negativity growing up (and unfortunately still am), so I tend to surround myself around those I love. While I do love to talk, I also get overwhemled easily and I tend to take longer to respond sometimes. Please be patient with me. I'd describe myself as a loving and caring person with a sense of humor that everyone can enjoy. Please don't be intimidated by me! I am not intimidating in any way, I promise you can talk to me about anything (though please be sure to respect my boundaries). I love to talk.

I don't know what more to write here without writing about more...personal stuff, so I'll stop here. I hope this introduction gave you a good impression of me and I hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to reach out if you ever feel the need to, all I ask is that you treat me with respect (and I, too, will treat you with respect). Thank you for reading!!!


GAMES : RGG/Yakuza, Team Fortress 2, Disco Elysium, RPG Maker Horror, Overwatch, Phasmophobia, IMSCARED, Nintendo, Rhythm Games, Silent Hill, ROBLOX, Resident Evil, Undertale, Deltarune, Stardew Valley, Project Sekai, LISA RPG, Jet Set Radio, YTTD, Left 4 Dead(2), Portal, The Binding of Isaac, Ace Attorney, Smile For Me, and many more. BTW I’m an Ex-Danganronpa fan (HELP.)

MUSIC : Vocaloid (Utsu-P, SLAVE.V-V-R, Nashimoto-P, etc), Gorillaz, Tyler The Creator, Tally Hall, Miracle Musical, Heavy Metal, Vkei, Punk Rock, Rage Against the Machine, Machine Girl, Depeche Mode, Loona, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Lamp, Death Grips, Linkin Park, SOAD, Limp Bizkit, The Cure, Patricia Taxxon, Talking Heads, The Smiths, MF DOOM, and many more.

ETC : Jerma985, JJBA, The Venture Bros, Osomatsu-San, Psychological Horror, Death Note, Video Game Design, Mob Psycho 100, Coding, Hunter X Hunter, Dorohedoro, Junji Ito, BrBa/BCS, DHMIS, Alice in Borderland, SCP Foundation, Lupin III, and many more.

TO GET INTO/FINISH : Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, No More Heros, Hades, Berserk, Golden Kamuy, Witch’s Heart, Final Fantasy, Idolm@ster, Psychonauts, Chainsaw Man, Persona, Devilman Crybaby, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kamen Rider, Shenmue, One Piece, Zero Escape, TWEWY, Borderlands, Demon Slayer, Fallout, Hylics, Killer 7, Red Dead Redemption, Kamen Rider, and more unlisted.

Feel free to recommend me stuff to get into, I need constant stimulation for my brain. BTW, I take a bit longer to watch/read stuff, sorry! I prefer to play games. I like interacting with stuff.

. . . And many more unlisted! ♡ In no particular order.
Let me know if you want to be added or removed.

(Will be updated with time.)