A pretty big list of resources I've collected over the years! All divided into sections. RETURN HOME?


Internet Archive
A non-profit library with millions of books, movies, websites, music, etc. Very useful!

A free file storage site.

Need to send a video that's above 8mb? Don't have nitro? Use this video compressor!

A free, online photo editor. Comes with many pre-made templates and a stock image search.

Many cool options, including a pride flag outline for your icon!

An online tool that removes backgrounds from images!

Sick of paywalls? I know I am. Here's the solution to all of your problems!

Need to fix a gif or want to make your own online? This is the place.

Sick of Discord's shit? Want to use emojis from other servers in your server? Add this bot!

Mental Health:

A site that's basically a breathing excercize. Useful, especially when you can't catch your breath.

Pronoun Dressing Room
Want to test our pronouns for yourself? This is your place!

You Feel Like Shit - An Interactive Self-Care Guide
A nice little guide on self-care that provides nice tips and reminders.

Mental Health Resources
A HUGE list of helpful resources and contacts. There's a section for pretty much everything.

Archy's DID/OSDD Self Help Masterlist
A masterlist of resources for systems (or those considering). Very useful and has helped me SO much.


RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects
Y'know those cool text effects? You may recognize one on the top of this page. That's from this site!

LIFESAVER. Has tutorials for pretty much every single coding-related thing you can think of.

Tons of tips and tutorials on good web design.

CSS Code Generators
Generates cool CSS codes for you to use for your website!

HTML Cleaner
As the name suggests, this cleans up your HTML and makes it a bit more tidy.

You Don't Need JavaScript
A list of JS things you can ALSO do in CSS. Useful if you're determined to use no JS.

One of my favorite resource carrds. This is full of good advice, codes, and resources!

HTML Cheatsheet
A cheatsheet full of HTML references and generators.

A site that offers many things for your website. Want a website counter? You should go here!

HTML Comment Box
Want comments on your website? This site provides code just for you to use.

Sadness' coding tutorials! These have helped me so much and cover so much in an easy way to understand.

Want a silly pet for your page? Click here!

Smart Guestook
A free guestbook for your site!

Want to show people how you're feeling? Here's a place that provides you a code to show just that!

Graphics and Decoration:

GeoCities GIF search engine + archive. Lot's of good stuff here!

SO. MANY. CURSORS. Definitely check this site out!

Blinkies Cafe
A blinkie generator! Tons of cool options to choose from.

Because sometimes resource carrds are good. Lots of good graphics and codes here!

A site that lets you create cool text graphics. Lots of awesome fonts here!

A site with hundreds of seamless patterns for free.

Dancing Letters
These are still pretty funny gifs to make.

Web Badges World
A HUGE archive of 80x15 buttons.

Learning and Education:

MEGA Folder full of FREE Language and Linguistics Books/PDFs.
Books on pretty much any language you can think of. LOVE THIS.

The world's biggest e-library full of free e-books and articles available for download.

A site full of tutorials and guides on Music theory. Useful if you'd like to create music!

Official Bullet Journal tutorial (except it's not locked behind a fucking paywall.)
WaybackMachine page of the official BuJo site and how to bullet journal.

Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit
A PDF of Richard Williams Animators Survival Kit, a book full of animation tips, tutorials, etc.

Art and References:

A collaborative drawing/painting tool. Very fun with friends and/or mutuals!

Animal Photo Art Reference Search
AN INCREDIBLY USEFUL TOOL. Many references and options are available.

Pose Art Reference Search
Yet another useful tool with many references and options. Used for humans!

WebGL Water
A water simulation with various tools and options at your disposal. May come in handy!

Comparing Heights
Exactly what it sounds like; a tool where you can compare the heights of two people. Very useful!

An image quality improvement AI tool. Very useful, especially for art.

A site with tons of 3D models for pose reference.

Fun sites:

A site where you can listen to music from any place, and any time.

Self explanatory. Makes me a bit hungry. . . !

Want to explore your favorite video game maps? This is the site for you!

Random Jerma moments at the click of a button! Nearly 5k hours of clips.

Have you seen those silly heart locket gifs? Want to make your own? Click here!

Want to make a gif of your fave character getting pet or something? Use this!


Want to watch your favorite shows/movies but don't have streaming services? This is a lifesaver.

A free anime streaming site, with pretty much anime you can think of. Also subtitles/dubs.

Want to get into new media but aren't sure what the content contains? Here's your answer. CW for spoilers and mentions of triggering topics.

Ember's MLP Archive
Full, free episodes of MLP. Every generation. Every movie. HAVE FUN.


Team Fortress 2
I'm begging you to play this game, it's so fucking fun. IT'S ALSO FREE. . . !

Vimm's Lair
Looking for ROMS or old manual scans of your favorite games? This is the jackpot!

r/ROMS' Megathread of ROMS
HUGE list of ROMS for pretty much every console you can think of. Also has 3DS and WII U ROMS!

Citra Emulator
A 3DS emulator that's free to download.

Cemu Emulator
A Wii U emulator that's free to download.

Dolphin Emulator
A Wii and Gamecube emulator that's free to download.

An indie game marketplace full of cool indie games.

vgperson's Translated Games
Like RPG Maker games? Like good translated games? Like free games? Vgperson's got you covered!

3DS Hacks Guide
Want to hack your 3DS? Here's a full guide on how to do so!

Wii U Hacks Guide
Want to hack your Wii U? Here's a full guide on how to do so!

Is your friend playing Jackbox? Want to participate? Click here!

Taiko Web
Taiko No Tatsujin on the Web! Very fun I play this a lot.