Welcome to SUNNYDAY! A personal website made by Rita. This site is best viewed on Firefox, at any resolution 1920 x 1080px or greater. This is also not mobile-friendly. Best of luck to you, mobile users! This site contains various things that mainly relate to me and the things that I am passionate about, though there are some other things that may interest you here. While updates may be infrequent, I still put a lot of love and thought into this site. There may be limited things to view currently, but I promise that the site will grow more with time. Thank you for your understanding!

As you can tell, this site is mainly tropical/beach themed; the site did not always have this theme and this is a recent change, though I like it much better than anything else I've previously themed the site around. Originally, SunnyDay was known as SniperTF2! But I ended up changing the URL because my love for TF2 vanished along with Valve's interest in the game (just kidding, I still love TF2 but my relationship with it is...complicated. I'll expand on that in another page soon). I love vacations and sunny days which is what inspired the URL change. Isn't it a nice change?

SunnyDay was created on April 10th, 2022 and was a pretty shitty looking site in hindsight; though I have a deep love for the site that I created at the time, no matter how strange it's appearance was. SunnyDay is essentially a huge coding project that I've created for myself to work on, and has become a hobby that has helped when I need to pass the time or if I need to project the ideas in my head into something real, y'know? Since it's initial release date, coding SunnyDay has greatly improved my HTML/CSS skills and I have been working on various projects for the site since. A lot has been scrapped and a lot has been introduced as well. I hope you will stick around to watch the site grow even more and I am hoping that people enjoy the site as much as I do.

As I mentioned before, this site is PERSONAL, meaning that everything that I create here reflects me as a person. This site is essentially an extension of my being; almost like a clone but in the form of a website. Every word chosen, every graphic placed, every single aspect of design chosen to be on this site is here for a reason; the reason usually being that it makes me happy or it makes me feel relaxed. My mental health is not the best and I try to be positive and reflect that positivity into things I create to comfort myself, y'know? Almost like I'm taking a break from everything going on in my head, or a vacation. That is why SunnyDay is designed the way it is; it's always a sunny day here, after all. There may be some depressing things mentioned, but I at least try to keep that limited.

Along with this site being extremely personal to me, it also serves as a love letter of sorts for everything that I enjoy. Everything I am passionate about is mentioned here and some even have dedicated pages to them. Old web design is something incredibly nostalgic and I try my best to replicate that in my work; I hope I reflect that inspiration well. I always attempt to display the love I have for my interests through this site and I will continue to do so. I'm extremely greatful for SunnyDay as a project and for that reason, this site will forever be a work in progress. There will never be a finalized version of SunnyDay as I will always have ideas for this site and things I will want to create for it. Even if I were to die, I would be buried with countless ideas for the site. It's a nice hobby and I encourage anyone who is interested in creating their own website to do so; it's a wonderful hobby that opens up a lot of opportunities to create things that you enjoy and it's also incredibly self-rewarding. Coding this site helped me get out of my depressive state and encouraged me to continue learning a new hobby to invest myself in. It's worth it!!! Do it!!!

As always, thank you for reading and thank you for visiting SunnyDay, or my corner of the internet where it is always a sunny day. I sincerely wish you the best and hope you enjoy your stay, no matter how long or short it may be. ♡


This site was born on April 10th, 2022 to a mentally insane teenager who barely knew how to code. From the time that I created this site, I've dedicated hours of my life developing this website into what it is today. Some of you may already be aware, though for those who aren't then it is important to note that this site had a URL change. The original URL was snipertf2, which is still a site that is up and running, I'm just planning on creating a sniper shrine on there. Not now, but soon. Can you tell that I really like Sniper? Anyway, this site evolved a lot, so I figured it'd be nice to display previous layouts and such here. There are live previews available via Internet Archive (← there's two links). These are just screenshots, though I'll be sure to link these screenshots to the live previews. I'll also give a bit of commentary on some of these, as these are old and I like to look back on the things I make.

MAY 2022 — My learning phase.
Essentially the point in time in which
I was learning HTML and CSS at the
same time as developing this website.
Not a bad first layout, as it evolved
into the next layout.
JUL 2022 — Better layout with
more things to look at. Looking back,
this was pretty good. I actually let
a mutual of mine use this as a
template (though the code is
probably very messed up).
NOV 2022 — Most likely my least
liked layout yet. Not to be negative
but this looked so...boring. It was also
really weirdly designed? Like why are
the columns so uneven? Strange.
Anyway, let's try to forget this one...
JAN 2023 — A HUGE improvement
from the previous layout. Everything
looks more normal and the general
look of it all is much better than any
previous layout. I was proud of this
and I very much still am proud of it.
MAR 2023 — The rebirth of the site!
The birth of SUNNYDAY! The first
layout was alright. Nothing really
special about it, though I was still
proud of making this. This one stuck
around for a while, now it's gone.
AUG 2023 — The newest layout!
I figured that if it was bigger, it was
better, so I expanded it vertically. I
personally think this is my favorite
layout I've created for the site, and
I'm happy I can finally share it!!!!!!!!!